U3A Bulletin No.16

Course Updates

Term 3 commences on 30th July 2018.

Europeans II is no longer being offered in 2018

Mindfulness Meditation – As this is being offered as a new class for Term 3 it is important that you enrol at the AWCC Office.

Basic Economic Concepts will be going ahead in Term 4.

Community Sing-A-Long is also happening in Term 4.

Building works are still in progress at the College. You can no longer access the building via the door near Room 9. Room 4 in the Cracknell building is being used as a site office so two classes have been reallocated to different rooms.

New Courses

  • Dying to Know: A discussion circle based on the ground breaking work and book of Dr Michael Newton, PHD. He was a practicing Clinical Psychologist and Master Hypnotherapist and his research has taken place over 35 years on 7000 clients, which resulted in a profound study of the spirit world. Internationally acclaimed as the spiritual pioneer of our time this information has been recognised as having no comparison with any existing literature on the spirit world, it’s laws and processes. Initially his first book “Journey of Souls” will be the theme for our discussion group and will take approximately 15 weeks to complete. More…
  • Aspects of English Poetry: Following a roughly chronological development this course examines various linguistic devices used in English poetry, drawn from past and contemporary poets. Participants will be challenged to attempt some writing of their own. Some session topics include: Saga and Story, Poetry and Song, Romanticism and The Self, War and Chaos and Australian Voices. A more detailed course outline is available from the U3A Office. More…