Insurance Cover for Members

In this age of insurance litigation it is important that all Members note U3A Albury Wodonga (U3A) is not an incorporated body. It is an organisation run by unpaid volunteer members on behalf of all members. It operates under the auspices of the Albury Wodonga Community College (the College). U3A has no corporate identity, has no insurance arrangements under its name and provides no insurance cover for any member, class activity or circumstance whatsoever.

When a member of U3A is attending a College approved U3A class or other College approved U3A activity on the premises of the College, that member is covered by the College insurance arrangements. Classes listed in the Guide, when held on College premises, have been approved by the College for that purpose.

Members making their homes available for a class activity by U3A members should note that they are not covered by any College insurance arrangements unless prior approval has been given by the College in which case they will be notified by U3A in writing. Without that approval they could be liable in case of an accident or other misadventure suffered by a U3A member while on their premises and it is possible that any domestic public liability insurance that they hold may not cover a consequent claim arising in such circumstances. Members are therefore advised to check their personal liability insurance before hosting U3A activities at their homes.

For information only, at any other U3A activity at a site outside the College premises and not approved by the College a U3A member is not covered by the College insurance arrangements, but may be covered by insurance arrangements for that site, such as the Albury Commercial Club etc.

Any form of travel by any means to or from U3A classes or other U3A activities on behalf of U3A is not covered by the College insurance arrangements but may be covered by other insurance arrangements, such as those of transport or tour operators or by a member’s own private insurance. In this and the preceding paragraph whether there is insurance cover or not is strictly a matter for the member and not the College or U3A.