U3A Bulletin No.29

Updates for Term 4

A reminder that we finish Term 3 on Friday September 20th and recommence on Monday October7th.

Please take note of the following information concerning courses in Term 4.  If you wish to enrol in any of the new courses offered you must fill out an enrolment form at the AWCC reception. Similarly if you wish to join any of the existing courses you must also enrol through the AWCC reception.


  • Conversations in Wodonga will not continue during Term 4.
  • Dying to Know will finish at the end of this term and will not be continuing in Term 4.
  • Spiritual Self-development Discussion Group is being offered.


  • Sentimental Journey Continues.  John will continue on a fortnightly basis commencing on Tuesday October 8th


  • Economics A will not continue in Term 4
  • International Relations 1. The class will recommence on October 23rd 1pm – 3pm
  • A History of Modern Japan-Unit 2 is being offered.
  • VB’s History of Modern Ireland is being offered.


  • Writing for Pleasure (formerly called Inspired to Write). This group will continue in Term 4 with Gina Watson as the Co-ordinator.
  • International Relations 2 (pm) and 2B (am).   Both classes will resume on October 24th.   Note that the afternoon group will still continue on a fortnightly basis


  • Play reading Group continues fortnightly on the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month.

For more details of courses available follow links via Timetable 2019.

U3A Bulletin No.28

Coffee cup and beans on a white background.September Coffee Morning

Friday 13th September 2019

at Albury Wodonga Community College

10:00 am Food & Tea/Coffee in kitchen area

10:30 am Guest Speaker in room 9

Recording our own Personal and Family History

Presented by Uta Wiltshire

Uta Wiltshire retired 18 years ago after 32 years in the Public Service and has lived an active community life. Her involvements include Secretary/Treasurer of Wodonga Historical Society, previously member of Wodonga Show Society, and previously treasurer of Ladies Auxiliary Wodonga Show Society.

She has set up and administered Facebook pages and websites for the Historical Society and Show Society.

In 2018 she was awarded Wodonga’s Citizen of the Year. She will expand on her Australia Day speech talking about the importance of recording our own personal and family history.

U3A Bulletin No.27

Coffee cup and beans on a white background.August Coffee Morning

Friday 9th August 2019

at Albury Wodonga Community College

9:30 am Food & Tea/Coffee in kitchen area

10:00 am Performance in room 9

The Importance of Being Earnest (Act II and III)

ImportanceOfBeing Earnest

Presented by the U3A Play Reading Group – Directed by Helen Casey.

A fun time was had by all as we were entertained by the group’s radio play rendition of Act I of this theatre classic at the last Coffee Morning.

The reading was so popular that the audience requested that Acts II & III be performed as well. This will happen at this August coffee morning.






U3A Bulletin No.26

U3A Bulletin No.26

Updates for Term 3: 2019


  1. Conversations will continue for the first 5 weeks of Term 3, beginning Monday July 29th.
  2. Dying to Know and Numerology will continue into Term 3 and new members are welcome.
  3. Arts Appreciation, Movie Buffs and Travel and Chat. As these classes are run on a monthly or fortnightly basis it is important for existing members to let us know if your circumstances have changed and you are no longer able to attend. There are people on the waiting list for these classes who are missing out.


  1. Random Thoughts and Ideas. Peter Massey is now co-ordinating the group. Thank you to Chris Sobey for all her time and effort she has put into the group.
  2. A Sentimental journey will not be offered for Term 3. John Whale is to run a new fortnightly course:  The Sentimental Journey Continues. This will feature some significant detours from its traditional path, to be selected somewhat at random by our Tour Guide.


  1. 2019 The Bible: Reading Ancient Documents for the Mediterranean World in English Translation is a new course starting on Wednesdays from 31st July 2019 if enough members are interested. A course outline is available in the U3A office for you to look at.
  2. The Great War: Legacies and Consequences will not continue this year. Vince will offer two new courses  in Term 4:


International Relations 2: This will be presented fortnightly beginning Thursday 1st August 2019.


Play Reading Group will continue every 1st and 3rd Friday beginning August 2nd.