Courses 2017

All Courses Offered in 2017

Courses run for the full calendar year unless otherwise stated.


Code Course Status
U1701 Family History and the Internet Current
U1702 Shares – Maximising the Commsec Site Current
U1703 Scrabble Current
U1704 CAE Book Study Current
U1705 Arts Appreciation Current
U1706 Travel and Chat – Adventure before Dementia Current
U17** Conversations 9th Oct 2017


Code Course Status
U1707 Demystifying Computers Current
U1708 Sustainable Living Current
U1709 Photography Current
U1710 How to Take Good Photos Current
U1711 Music Appreciation Current
U1712 Thoughts and Ideas Current
U1713 Garden Group Current
U1714 In Stitches Current


Code Course Status
U1715 Getting Started in Shares Finished
U1716 Garden Group Current
U1717 Mah-Jong Current
U1718 Cryptic Crosswords Current
U1720 International Relations 2 Current
U17** The Incredible Human Journey Current
U17** The Great War : A Global Conflict With Lasting Legacies Current


Code Course Status
U1719 Introduction to Tarot Card Reading Current
U1720 International Relations 1 Finished
U1721 Philosophical Discussions Current
U1722 Chess Current
U1723 Tea and Tarot Current
U17** The Europeans Current


Code Course Status
U17** The Organic Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright Finished

The 2017 Course Guide & Timetable Semesters 1 & 2

(Excludes courses introduced since publication. Designated U17** above.)