Introduction to Tarot Card Reading

Course Code: U1719

tarot-cards414x284Tarot’s biggest misconception is that it is fortune telling however, it is counselling with insight. Tarot helps to enhance our ability to see our life’s journey. The cards give an overview of our general situation or problems with great clarity helping decisions to be made. Introduction to Tarot will take you through the facets of Tarot Reading. We will look at the history, Carl Jung’s synchronicity, collective unconscious and architypes, the symbols and images and the different layouts or spreads that make a reading what it is. So come along and be prepared to have fun and a good laugh, combine the Universe’s energy with yours and mine, journey towards spirituality. The cards are the tool, the reader is but the key.

Coordinator: Audrey Webb
Venue: AWCC, 63 High Street, Wodonga
Day/Time: Thursdays 10.00–12 noon
Starting: 9th February 2017
Cost: Nil