The Great War

ww1Coordinator : Vince Black

Venue : Albury-Wodonga Community College

Day/Time : Wednesdays, 10 a.m. to 12 noon

Commences : Wednesday, 16th August, 2017

Duration : 13 x 2 hour sessions


Course Outline :

Given that many nations around the world are currently commemorating the centenary year of the Great War, it is considered timely for an interactive program such as this to assist interested individuals to explore and gain more knowledge and insights about the world’s first truly global conflict.

Because the Western Front saw so many of the major battles commonly associated with the Great War, the course will focus mostly but not only on that theatre. It will explore the different strategies and tactics employed by both sides in each of the four years of the conflict, with some consideration of Australia’s involvement.

The course is designed for people with an interest in learning more about what was arguably the most significant historical event of the twentieth century, together with some of its legacies that continue to affect the world to the present day.

The program should also appeal to those carrying out genealogical research about their AIF forebears, who would like to gain a broader perspective about events that would have impacted on the lives of their Diggers.

The learning process will be interactive, meaning participants will be encouraged to reflect on and present their views on some key issues raised by what was meant to be ‘the war to end all wars’.

A variety of learning formats will be employed in the course, including oral presentations, provision of pre-reading material via email links, videos, hand-outs, group discussions and reflective writing.

Key Features :

Factors Leading to the Great War : Militarism, Alliances, Imperialism, Nationalism,  Conscription, Military Colleges & War Plans, Rail Networks & Train Timetables 

Key Term: Strategic Plans

The Great War Statistics & Some Enigmatic Questions:

Ignition & Opening Battles > The Race for the Sea > Trench Warfare > French Zone of the Armies > Stances > Stalemate

Western Front, Tactics & Battles, Gallipoli 

A Global War, Western Front Tactics & Battles, Verdun and the Somme

The Year of Upsets, Unrestricted Submarine campaign, French Mutiny, Passchendaele, Russian Exit & USA Entry

Western Front: A Return to Battles of Movement, the Kaiser Battles, 100 Days Campaign

‘Learning Curves’: Artillery & Infantry Doctrines, Logistics and Supply

: The Treaty of Versailles