Conversations in Wodonga

Course Code: U1803


An opportunity to have a loosely structured discussion about selected topics using insights drawn from philosophy and the life experience of members. The discussion will touch on the relevance of the topic to us personally, its place in history and its ethical implications. We look at questions, rather than supply answers. We don’t have to agree and we don’t have to reach consensus. Michael will provide some written remarks with some suggested reading and links for those who want to delve more deeply into the topic. Prerequisites: curiosity, thoughtfulness and life experience.

The group will select from the list of topics offered for discussion each week.

Topics for Term 3: Terrorism, Inequality, Investments and Ethics, Humour and Philosophy and Peter Singer. There are a few spaces available so, if interested, please enrol at the AWCC office. (per update 4 June 2018).

Class size limited to 20.

Coordinator: Michael Evans
Venue: AWCC, 63 High Street, Wodonga
Day/Time: Mondays, 10.00 -12.00 noon

  • Term 1: 12th February 2018  (updated after Course Guide published)
  • Term 2: 16th April 2018 (for 5 weeks)
  • Term 3: 6th August 2018 (per update 4 June 2018).

Cost: Nil