Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

Course Code: U1810

A 5 week course to introduce the method of mindfulness meditation. Each session will combine both discussion and meditation practice. The aim of the session is to develop the means to help overcome insomnia and help ease stress and live more fully in the moment. Helen has found meditation helpful in coping with many of the stresses our fast paced lives give rise to.

Per Update 16 April 2018: This course will accommodate members who have enrolled in both Mindfulness 1 and 2 courses. Helen has contacted members, where possible, who have enrolled in Mindfulness Meditation 2 and those on the waiting list.

Coordinator: Helen Casey
Venue: AWCC, 63 High Street, Wodonga
Day/Time: Tuesdays 10.00-12 noon
Starting: 6th February 2018.
Also this 5 week course is being repeated in Term 2 from 17 April 2018.
This class will continue in Term 3 for existing members. Any new members  will need to enrol at the AWCC office. (per update 4 June 2018).
Cost: Nil.