The Europeans II

This course follows on from “The Europeans” given by the same presenter in 2017. “The Europeans II” is for people who would enjoy following, at a safe distance, the contemporary historical thriller now playing out in Europe.

Europe is being squeezed by tremendous forces – Russia, Turkey, The USA, mass  migration from Africa and the Middle East, the globalisers of Davos, the UNHCR and  various other NGO’s, not to mention climate warming. She is also being weakened from within by an enduring policy vacuum on the one hand and regulatory overproduction on  the other. Electorates across Europe are replying at the polls with the predictable “populist” responses, Brexit being the most potent example so far.

The four mobilities of globalisation demanded by Davos, are now operational – free  movement across national borders of goods, services, people and now the control of  land.

How are the ordinary citizens of continental Europe reacting to this? Fewer and fewer of them are now hitting the snooze button, to be sure; but to answer this question in detail,  “The Europeans II” will present a digest of commentary and headlines direct from the  European press* on a weekly basis. Like an extended breakfast with the newspapers.

The primary purpose of the course is to stimulate discussion of European perspectives on contemporary events.

* French, German, Austrian, Swiss. Other countries will of necessity be viewed only through articles in the French or German press.

Coordinator: John Shilling
Venue: AWCC, 63 High Street, Wodonga
Day/Time: Tuesdays 1pm-3.00pm
Starting: 17th April 2018.
This class will not be offered in Term 3 or Term 4 (per update 24 July 2018).
Cost: Nil

The brochure THE EUROPEANS 2 (in pdf format) details this course and you may download/print it for informing others.