2019 Numerology

Course Code: U1905


Self-development comes from the increased awareness of where you are right now and learning what is needed for further growth. Self expression is how you perform and what you do about it. Numbers are a potent force and they possess the power to influence us, and when they do, our own energy field or aura changes accordingly. This course will give you a means of understanding and developing your full potential. You will gain imperative knowledge to assist you in discovering your own unique talents, and also specific area of your personality that may still require some growth. Predictive Numerology using the Major Cycles of you life will also be covered in this course. The immeasurable benefit of prior knowledge of you cycles and challenges will enable you to manage your life more effectively.

Coordinator: Lynette McAuliffe
Venue: AWCC, 63 High Street, Wodonga
Day/Time: Mondays, 1:00pm – 3:00pm
Starting: 4th February 2019
Cost: Price of workbook.