2019 The Sentimental Journey Continues

“The Sentimental Journey Continues” will feature some significant detours from its traditional path, to be selected somewhat at random by our Tour Guide. Here are some of his current  quixotic ideas (as at 29th June 2019):

  • History of the Olympic Games and all things Greek
  • Travelling down famous highways such as the Silk Road, Watling Street and Route 66
  • History of Canals and cruising along the Gota and Corinth Canals plus the Canal du Midi from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean
  • Great train journeys such as the Ghan, Trans-Siberian Railway and the Orient Express.
  • The Wild West, don’t let your babies grow up to be Cowboys

Along the way we will be stopping off and visiting Museums, Monuments and Art Galleries and historically significant sites such as Stonehenge, Carthage and Constantinople and with apologies to my dear friend Basil Fawlty we will also be visiting famous battles sites from the distant past: Marathon, Gettysburg and Bannockburn.

We hope to meet a diverse range of characters, such as the likes of Charles Darwin, Galileo, Stephen Hawkins and if we can get an audience with her, Catherine the Great. “

Coordinator: John Whale
Venue: AWCC, 63 High Street, Wodonga
Day/Time: Fortnightly Tuesday 1.00 – 3.00pm
Starting: 30th July 2019, continues fortnightly from 8th October 2019
Cost: Nil